Use your fees to help older people

Anyone can have their will written for free and raise funds for charity at the same time this June.

Jennifer Melly Law is running a "make a free will month" during June and offering you the chance to donate the usual fee to Age Cymru.

Jennifer Melly says "It's very important to make a will- it means that you are able to decide yourself what will happen to your money and your belongings when you pass away.

Making a will can also help avoid disputes between your relatives over how your estate should be divided. You'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that you are looking after your loved ones by making sure they're getting what you want them to receive. If you don't make a will, your property and money may not go to the people you intended."

During June, Jennifer Melly Law clients can donate the fee they would normally pay to have their will written to Age Cymru. The suggested donation is 90.00 for a single will and 135.00 for a pair of wills.

Michael Phillips from Age Cymru says "Age Cymru is very grateful to Jennifer Melly Law for running its make a free will month and encouraging Will makers to give the fee they would normally pay to our charity. We want to lift as many older people as possible out of poverty and to combat loneliness and isolation amongst Welsh pensioners through our activities. This initiative by Jennifer Melly Law will provide a huge boost to our work." Find out more about Age Cymru on their website: